Extreme Bubble Soccer 2013. Background courtesy of www.subtlepatterns.com

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A Bit About Us...

Hi my name is James Breakiron and I am the president and CEO of Extreme Bubble Soccer. My whole life I have always wanted to create a company that people can have fun. With bubble soccer I have hit the nail the on the head .Never in my life have i ever wanted to get up and go to work every day, and this company makes my dream come true .The fun and constant laughing from the players and the crowd, with every event we have ever done just makes this a dream job.Just look at some of these videos and you will see why we get more business from referrals than any advertising could ever achieve. This sport will be by far one of the most fun and exciting things you have ever done in your life ,and that makes it the best business i could ever be a part of :-).